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Domaine Meo-Camuzet Nuits St. Georges Aux Murgers 2002


2002 A great classic year

A providential north wind brought us maturity and acidity, and gave us fresh, concentrated and intense wines. However, their structure can be felt, and this vintage is more destined for keeping. The analysis of the wines is almost identical to 99, but this vintage is marked by the structure, with a touch of acidity which tends to pinch at the finish. The integration is gradually occurring and this vintage is very promising. It should be kept, even if the Clos de Vougeot and the Nuits Boudots are offering us some fine tastings.


A clearly pronounced personality: powerful, sometimes wild aromas; a marked acidity, which give it a captivating freshness; a fine roundness. In short, an intense wine which has many cards in its hand to win you over.


It has excellent ageing potential, which is just as well as it's a wine you have to wait for. One of the last to be tasted in a given vintage.


The vines are in their prime in terms of age and quality since they were planted in two sessions between 1965 and 1972. They produce grapes which mature very early and no time must be lost in picking them before they spoil. Yet their acidity is astonishing and gives its very distinctive character to the wine.

Surface area, situation & orientation

Lying half way between Vosne and Nuits St-Georges, like Nuits Boudots, ideally situated on the lower (and nobler) part of the hill, and facing east: the soil is fairly fine, even sandy at the top of the plot. The name of the 'cru ' refers to a pile of stones which still exists today, since the soil once had to be 'destoned' in order to render it more suitable for cultivation.



這不是我第一次喝到這個區塊這個葡萄園 年份也是第二次喝到

相同的10個人 不同的地點 不同的時間 喝著這大家第二次喝到的酒

表現的卻讓大家完全不敢相信這一支 真的是大家上次喝到的樣子嗎?


這一支酒 不是王子 亦或是我早就感受不到王子的存在了

這一支在我的映像中 是手裡拿著懷錶 著急的不知道要去哪兒的兔子

一個一個的尋找著自己的愛麗絲 因為太著急了 卻不知道自己早就迷失在當中

因為太著急了 其他人根本不懂他內心在想些什麼

或者 他自己也不知道自己想表達出什麼吧

小兔子啊 可以放慢腳步嗎 背後並沒有撲克牌王國的士兵在追趕你





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