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Domaine Meo-Camuzet Nuits St. Georges " Aux Murgers " 2006


2006 A heavenly surprise

This vintage surprises us with its maturity and its depth. It’s what may be described as a classic year, which offers us, across our various terroirs, the full palette of Burgundy’s aromas. Balance is its principal characteristic. The colours are attractive, and after one year in the bottle, the wines remain open and charming. The less prestigious wines are accessible, but the premiers and grands crus will require some ageing, because some of them are impressive. This evolution should take place gradually, with the wines proving very gratifying in a few years’ time. The competition with 2005 has begun


A clearly pronounced personality: powerful, sometimes wild aromas; a marked acidity, which give it a captivating freshness; a fine roundness. In short, an intense wine which has many cards in its hand to win you over.


It has excellent ageing potential, which is just as well as it's a wine you have to wait for. One of the last to be tasted in a given vintage


The evolution is slow, sometimes a little too slow. This wine which has so many elements to please takes time to 'find itself', to 'come together'. The new oak leaves its mark for a long time before the wine softens up. It is therefore bottled late.


The vines are in their prime in terms of age and quality since they were planted in two sessions between 1965 and 1972. They produce grapes which mature very early and no time must be lost in picking them before they spoil. Yet their acidity is astonishing and gives its very distinctive character to the wine.

Surface area, situation & orientation

Lying half way between Vosne and Nuits St-Georges, like Nuits Boudots, ideally situated on the lower (and nobler) part of the hill, and facing east: the soil is fairly fine, even sandy at the top of the plot. The name of the 'cru ' refers to a pile of stones which still exists today, since the soil once had to be 'destoned' in order to render it more suitable for cultivation.



喝到這瓶酒其實是個祕密 曾經想過這些秘密是不是都該將它隱藏起來?

我承認我是個感性的人 我無法讓這些葡萄酒哭泣

"天 地 人" 人卻是決定事情將會如何的發展的一切

 因為人讓我認識認識這家酒廠 因為人讓我喝到這一款酒

我不是第一喝到這一個葡萄園的NSG 但這個年份卻是第一次喝到

太過年輕 卻散發著自己獨有的光芒 那紫紅的顏色像夕陽像晚霞

使人容易沉溺在似有若無的曖昧裡 有撒嬌時的甜膩 有如醋勁般的酸度

但是MEO不管哪一個葡萄園哪一個區塊 都會有如森林系般深層的香氣

像沼澤像流沙般 想把人給吞噬著

這個像王子般的人 像沼澤般吸引著獵物 像流沙般的吞噬獵物


的確 我也一直的沉溺在其中 自以為的認為自己這一刻很幸福

第二天後卻不是這麼一回事 王子回復成平民百姓


我的王子啊 我不是你的獵物 我不過是一直沒真正離開過你的PUPPY





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