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Domaine Meo-Camuzet Echezeaux 2005



2005 Such character

The climatic conditions of the vintage are reflected in the bottle: small yields, a fine degree of maturity, thanks to a heat-wave in August, and a good level of acidity, preserved by the north wind just before the harvest and the cold of the cellars the following winter. The 2005s have a very great potential: they are dense and deep, with silkiness (perhaps the main characteristic of the vintage) and good structure. The big question is: have they closed up? A little, certainly, which is only natural after three years in the bottle already. Nothing to worry about, though, and after 10 minutes in the glass, the aromas open out again in all their splendour. In any case, it would be better to lay them down, except for the less prestigious wines that may be drunk in order to catch a glimpse of this voluptuous vintage.


Échezeaux is loyal to its appellation through the finesse of its attack on the palate and its overall balance. But it's also a wine with pronounced acidity, which gives it freshness and structure and bestows upon it a sometimes austere finish.


This wine needs to be kept for a long time if it is to reveal all its richness. The natural acidity contained in the grapes tends to 'constrict' it somewhat when it is young, and time must play its part to make it better balanced.


Its development is slow, and right up to the moment when it is bottled, the wine is a little austere. Time is necessary for this is a wine, which tends to remain indifferent to whatever treatments you try to apply to it. It must like to be left alone. It may just react to new casks, Bertranges being the oak that is the most successful.


The vinification requires little intervention, as the grapes already contain the elements which it takes to succeed.


The original planting dates from the end of the 40s, but about one quarter of this was renewed a few years ago. The grapes are small, particularly at the top. They ripen quickly, and a high sugar level combined with excellent acidity can often be observed, and this produces wines of intensity. The only difficulty is that these are grapes which have to be 'snapped up' at harvest time: you cannot wait, or they will spoil.

Surface area, situation & orientation

As its name - 'les Rouges du Bas' - does not indicate, this vineyard plot of about 1 acre, is situated at the upper limit of the Échezeaux appellation. The altitude explains perhaps the aromatic freshness often found in this wine, even though its east/south-east orientation also influences its early maturity. The nature of the soil changes with the altitude: lighter and lighter as you get higher.



會喝到這瓶酒 真的是很奇妙的緣分 噗友(某酒界醫界知名人士)公開的辦了一場名為"Echezeaux" 

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