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 Domaine Meo-Camuzet Vosne-Romanee Les Chaumes 2006



2006  A heavenly surprise

This vintage surprises us with its maturity and its depth. It’s what may be described as a classic year, which offers us, across our various terroirs, the full palette of Burgundy’s aromas. Balance is its principal characteristic. The colours are attractive, and after one year in the bottle, the wines remain open and charming. The less prestigious wines are accessible, but the premiers and grands crus will require some ageing, because some of them are impressive. This evolution should take place gradually, with the wines proving very gratifying in a few years’ time. The competition with 2005 has begun.


There is much finesse and elegance in this wine, very typical of the Vosne-Romanée appellation. Fullness and charm coexist here in a wine which is not as awe-inspiring as the superb 'crus', 'les Brûlées' and 'Cros Parantoux', but which is easy to drink and will quickly seduce you.


The good vintages age well, but this wine has a distinct advantage in its youth: indeed, its finesse makes it ideal for early tasting.


In casks, its development depends on the vintage; but generally speaking, it remains a wine which can be assessed fairly early, and which rapidly gives you an idea of the general character of a year.


There's no need to worry about finesse, and in this case, the vinification requires a little more extraction in order to push the wine to its limits. The cap will be broken up more often and the vatting temperatures will be a little higher.


The years of the plantings are fairly different: the late 50s for one part and during the 70s for the other. The older part is almost the more productive and gives fairly large cylindrical grapes. The sugar-acid balance is excellent. The younger part gives smaller grapes, sometimes even small grapes, but riper with less structure.

Surface area, situation & orientation

At the foot of 'la Tâche' and 'les Malconsorts', in a slightly deeper clay soil, we have the good fortune to possess two plots of a total surface area of about 5 acres (2 hectares). With its classic eastward orientation and good supply of water, it is a fairly 'solar' vineyard which cannot be considered as a late ripener.



好久沒喝到MEO了 似乎追尋的路也跟著停擺了 殺咪所仕事的這場醺饕客餐會 終於又讓我再一次與MEO相遇 第一次喝到這個葡萄園 殺咪竭盡所能不藏私的讓大家感受這一次的酒款

我真的覺得一瓶葡萄酒能反映出當時的心情 在這麼久之後遇見的MEO跟見面的時間微乎其微的你一樣 陌生到我都快忘記當初的你一樣

不再是黑櫻桃的顏色 取而代之的是蔓越莓的色彩 香氣細細的 小家碧玉的感覺 有點玉米 糖果的香氣 酒體的格局不大 即使年份早喝了 在我的認知中MEO不該這麼單調 雖然第一次喝到不該這麼先入為主 但的確讓我小小失望


而這段時間也是我最失望的時間 我們之間最沒交集的時間 不見面 不聯絡 不再關心對方的生活 似乎也影響了我對MEO的感受 亦或是以前的時光太過美好 讓我忽略了這最平凡的模樣 也是另外一個你


而加諸在你身上的完美型像 讓我忽略了即使有缺點 那也一樣是你





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