Domaine Meo-Camuzet Richebourg 2000


2000 Mature and mild

An abundant harvest, very early, with a high degree of maturity; a very gratifying vintage for the wine-lover, generally with more concentration than in 1997. These are sensual wines, ripe and generous, without any harshness. It’s difficult to imagine that they might improve with time. However, there’s no need to panic. They’re still far from finished and this plateau may last quite a while.


Richebourg is a king of a wine: the colonnade of the Louvre, the Château of Versailles. You are impressed by its finesse, its length and its delicate sensations, endlessly changing. The fact that no element dominates the others enables you to appreciate all of its aromas, on the nose and on the palate.



In any given vintage, Richebourg is always one of the last wines to be drunk. Not because it is too aggressive when young; simply because it needs time to reveal its full complexity


Planted during the 1950s, this 'grand cru' vineyard regularly produces small grapes, perfect examples of 'pinot fin'. It is not particularly precocious and likes to take its time to mature; a characteristic which can also be found in the cask, once the wine has been made! The grapes present a fine balance between sugar and acids, certainly at the origin of this appellation's character.


Surface area, situation & orientation

The estate possesses about three quarters of an acre in 'les Verroilles', plus a tenth of an acre in 'les Richebourg', just below 'Cros Parantoux' (or close to an acre in total). The vines are oriented principally towards the east, and they are characterised by being planted in rows running north-south – a protection during hot years. Generally speaking, the site is fairly cool.



曾經發下宏願 要把MEO CAMUZERT所有的園都喝過一遍 其實這不是一個很難的任務


很開心在某個品酒會中喝到了這款 (其實我是衝著他去參加的啊~~哈哈)

這個酒廠對我有非常特殊的意義在 至今一直無法有其他的酒廠可以取代他~

人的潛意識 總是會對某些記憶某個點無法遺忘 或許只是想不起來

但只要碰觸到 就會非常的執著的追尋 MEO對我來說 就是那個點


而我就是想找出所有MEO的葡萄園 跟這個人的關聯性

這一款Richebourg 我真的很高興我今天喝到了他 他深深的擊中我

很優雅 很有氣質 是個百花盛開的花園 天使圍繞著 

這個王子是我從未見過的 他好美 好溫柔 好體貼 說話輕輕的 緩慢的

手是溫暖的 他讓我無法將眼光從他身上離開 他對我是呵護著

像森林包覆著大地 像海洋包覆著神祕 像雲朵包覆著天空

喝到他 真的很幸福 甚至超越了幸福

在我洋溢著這種幸福的時候 在心底有個深深的哀傷

不是這款酒讓我有哀傷的感覺 是這款酒真的太幸福了 讓我現在都還在微微的顫抖

王子卻不是我一直在追尋的那個人 那個人沒有這樣的對我過。。。。。。。

曾經的回憶跑了出來 有很多開心和有趣的回憶 有很多只有我們的小秘密


我默默的心裡舉起手中的酒杯 我向上帝獻上這一杯Richebourg

上帝啊 這就是我想要的幸福

在我還沒追尋到'Cros Parantoux'之前 這個幸福已經滿足了我





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