Meo- Camuzet F&S Bourgogne 2005


2005 Such character

The climatic conditions of the vintage are reflected in the bottle: small yields, a fine degree of maturity, thanks to a heat-wave in August, and a good level of acidity, preserved by the north wind just before the harvest and the cold of the cellars the following winter. The 2005s have a very great potential: they are dense and deep, with silkiness (perhaps the main characteristic of the vintage) and good structure. The big question is: have they closed up? A little, certainly, which is only natural after three years in the bottle already. Nothing to worry about, though, and after 10 minutes in the glass, the aromas open out again in all their splendour. In any case, it would be better to lay them down, except for the less prestigious wines that may be drunk in order to catch a glimpse of this voluptuous vintage.




哇 好久囉~ 當初決定開始把喝過的MEO全找出來 沒想到就找出了這一張照片

這天是我第一次喝到MEO的酒 在這之前我卻一點都不認識他

而讓我喝到這支酒 開始認識這支酒的人 就是他 一個被我形容成王子的人

在我所有的印象裡MEO所表現的模樣 都跟這個人好像

沒錯 我愛上MEO CAMUZET這間酒廠 我也愛上這個人

這天我們偷偷跑來這小巷弄裡的餐廳 聊著很多關於我們的事

他選了這瓶酒 讓我這才開始接觸勃根地的人品嘗

玻璃杯理的顏色 明亮的紫紅色 靠近鼻子一聞 這~ 是整杯的玫瑰花

如果說女人都愛收到花 那我手上的這杯玫瑰 就是今晚最美麗的禮物




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